Experience Victory Live

26 01 2009

This was a commercial i recently completed for Victory Church in Camden. They were doing a service in a neighboring town and needed a commercial to advertise the event and build excitment for it.

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MusicFest 2008

9 11 2008

So back in September i finished this ad for a South Arkansas Music Festival. I know I’ve been really busy lately and haven’t had a chance to post anything new.

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Victory Father’s Day Adventure

7 06 2008

This was a spot we did as a favor advertising Victory Church in Camden, AR Father’s Day service.

We had a lot of information to pack into 30 seconds.

They wanted it to follow the “Indiana Jones” theme.

Shodown At Sunset 2008

7 06 2008

This was a video that my company was hired to do for a weekly re-inactment of a famous gun battle that took place in the town in 1902.

We used wood textures and warm tones to give it a Western feel.

PS – I seriously gotta find a better way to compress these!

Relax the Back

3 06 2008

This was a ten second ad that we were hired to do through the Diamond Agency for a client called Relax the Back.The ad was to be run on the JumboTron at Travelers stadium during their baseball games.

This project presented several challenges in that:
1. the spot couldn’t have audio.
2. they wanted quite a bit of info about what they offer.
3.They wanted it to look busy, yet relaxing (love it when they go that direction.)
4. All I was given was 3 picutres and a Logo

Bugs, Bands, & Bike 2008

16 05 2008

This ad was for a local festival in El Dorado, AR that featured Motorcycles, Music, and Crawfish.

I had a very limited amount of time and rescources. I was given the logo, flyer, and the audio track and was told to make something awesome. And have it done by the end of the day.

I think it came out pretty well

Herring Furniture

22 04 2008

Once again, another job for the Diamond Agency. I need to send them a card or something.

This one was for Herring Furniture in Strong, AR. They wanted a graphics intensive spot that felt low key.

Everything was shot at the store in a morning. The talent, Amber Herring, the owner’s daughter, was shot against blue screen and later added in.

In case your wondering the girl at the end of the ad is the same person when she was a little girl.

Let me know what you think!