My New Apartment!

1 08 2009

So I haven’t really been around for a while.

For the past six years, I’ve shared a place with my brother.  The arrange was that it was “his” place but I payed the utilities.  And at times, it was a great deal.  My brother works out on the road doing construction so it was like having the place to myself most of the time.

Then came…”The Roommates”

Now you have to understand these weren’t the healthy, “I gotta job, you gotta job, lets live together and split the bills so we got more money at the end of the month” roommates.  No, these were usually the “just lost the job, need a place to stay for a couple weeks, months, years if i can get away with it” roommates.  There were a couple of exceptions to this, but not many…

I always got feed up with it because while my brothers mortgage was set the utilities fluctuate depending on how many people were living there.  A few times that number was over six.  Me with the only one with a job, paying bills.

Needless to say, now when i hear the term roommate, i think “roommate = me getting screwed”.

But all that’s old news now.  This past month, I moved into my own place where it’s quiet and the internet is cheap!
Apartment 02

Apartment 04




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